What is it

AdFilter is a free private DNS service providing advertisement and malware blocking. It is available via the encrypted DOH & DOT protocols.

To use this service, simply point the DNS settings for your device or router to one or more of the servers. More information on how to use the service can be found on this technical information post.


AdFilter was initially built as a personal project to serve my own needs, however I decided to make it available to others. The project currently has an Australian focus as that’s where I live, however I am open to spinning up servers in other locations if people find the service useful.

The filtering is lightweight, attempting to block the majority of ads and malware while not being too aggressive and causing unintended impact. After all I use this for my home network and prefer not to get too many complaints :-)

Who Am I?

I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia I have an interest in Networks, Systems, Technology, Photography, Ham Radio.


Contact me with your thoughts, suggestions or ideas about the service: admin [at] adfilter.net

– JB